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layin in wake


its tuesday i am trying to complete, what is going to be the basis of the main set,
, one thing is its going to be a long sumer, for sure,
i am ready to get out of here and be on to this my new shootgun house, ahhh
one funny thing is going to be the Japan Deal, it looks like its going to happen, some where next year i am will be over there for about 89 days, crashing with jimmy in this college, how ol chicken reacts to it ? he said alot of guys who go over there don't want to leave,?
i am a bit of a home body when it comes down to it,
but it will be one hell of an adventure, San Antonio is great and all but its the city, and i like the outdoors more,



truck issues

good God i just dropped 900, on my truck to fix the wheel, i was flying down the highway and something started to go astray, luckly i made it to a brake place, hummm what else so is the approach to this sumer's work , i better be organized about this, it can get messy, so first up is, th ecompletion of these four maze pics I think it will be good therapy to just post the work as they go, so i can get the shit done faster, i have some interesting sides on the pacman-RT stuff, more soon, plus i am turning the defuncked cheetoes project out on ebay, utube bit on it soon



george zupp studio

so this is the cleean out studio, sorta still working on it, , making ready for shooting of the pacman bs, sounds like fun,

humm what next stories to tell,
i don't know what new stories, i am always on the move here, its hard to settle down about stuff,
but i can tell you just a skim topics that pissed me off etc,.
one the return of the safty nazi fucks beurcats,, hummmm,
other stories, humm
Red Muds outrage over blacktops including in the ARM group deal, there is a whole storie to this,
one of my disgruntles adjuncts, buddies about to lose it, tales of obsessions women and drinking,.,.,
and a bold look into the future of CDC, chickendeadchicken

Summer 2007


So begins the sumeer that is 2007

I don't think its going to be as crazy as last sumer, , most likely i am going to keep it in and try and lose some wieght and get back in shapr again, maybe a ban on binge drinking, i also decied to not BBQ this umer, just eat alot of salids etc,

when i get over to my new shoot gun house

i went over there yesterday, and it was pretty nice come to think about it, i am going to be comfortable over there, excpet trying to get net going to be trouble, , no matter what i will be there in nov, i also clean the hell out of my studio, this week, making ready for this new video project, exploring utube options, in sorta taling about odd ball projects, like the defuncked cheetoes deal

other than that,

paint strippers?


i think i should say fuck all this and go to las vagas and refine my skills a figure painter and paint strippers,

so what in store


comming next
well this week, i am going to reform the Ms pacman deal, i have to make a swimg stand for it, like a standing mirror, and shoot, both that and yars, in this dual set,,.,.
julie is shooting this minimovie on it,
for the last acts of this deal, like a 45min, dvd, type of things,
it will be humor,
more to come folks

shoots of my shootgun house, and julie's crazy party!
plus the return of herold,

yeap folks

i am going to the movies! more, and i have some plans! HeHeHe!

May scond plans etc


sam i am

Sam I Am

Well its May , i always like May its like the pre mid section of the year, a middle part between the begining of the year and the approach to the summer, all my plans for the year are made in may,
One good thing i got going , i got somebody to help me edit this video i have rolling, its me chatting about 8 of my sculpture project, the grand sumemry of all this work is going to conclude this sumer,
Next Week , i am going to have this big time dinner, the menu will be posted!
new idea for some storys,
there is these two sculptureers or wood workers i am going to profile, .
The closing of RED 10 san marcos, and drek blog,
hiemo vist to my studio, some funny stories about that,
getting dates from the cove deal, funny
more to come folk!

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