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projects short list


Monday night hummm
george zupp
this is it, it going to be like a chemical factory that makes animals, etc

more photos tonight, as this set its a mid point three weeks to go!
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whats going, on
well i am trying to down size my diet, and get ready for the weekend( and boy its tuff, i ate at chachoes last night and i about passed out when i got back here,)

hummm so whats in store ,
photos from the Texas uprising show, tonight, and a couple of my buddies are having a show over at Vtrue which was Eye 2 eye gallery photos on that,
so what projects are rolling around?
lets take a look!
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the beginings of the thing that makes things,
what else,

Sunday morining


so on monday i am going to start what is to be the most massive production blitz yet, now until i guess mid aug,
then it will be another venture,

So whats up
hummm, any babe action? any wierd tales of gossip? what are my buddies up to? assorted tales form some of my exexexs, hummmm
i don't know

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