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odd things about the future


well i tryed to cut the video

but ate to much piazza and beer and colapesed, ahh i have to be in the right mood, but one thing that been rolling around my mind about this is making these new mini adventures or narritive documentarys about odd ball situwations around Texas, kinda like art real life and a squitzoids / archologyist perspective, for some reason, kinda a reflection of the puppet, from Fraglle rock who ventured out in the real city of counrty life, i always like that kinda humor, i have a ton of bits to go off on, Art will always continue but ahhhhh, the buizeness of it all?

i am back!

was at the cove last night, ahhh, i think i need to come up with a new thing to do, painting is getting old there, maybe something odd -==--= So the E gallery show was tanked i am now preparing for the final show with this work called something like "homemade life issues from Clute Tx," maybe some thing like psychological profiles in a video game, its going to be very gaming based plus this whole slue of horror esk like painting to go with the deal and i also got a new digital camra, made a sale and turned around an bought a camra, now all i have to to is get the shit to line up right and it will be ,



four of july
humm its here in the studio, sounds like fun, lets take a look at the activity of the day!
last night i realised i how i am going to solve these two pieces left,
lucky the cat, and the bizerker piece, which i am going to put the hammer down on today
and the slicing of all these charcoal , to put on the tower,
more to come as the day unfolds,
plus i am looking forth this video , real funny,

count down


the e show under constructions

humm i am making this doomsday clock, or tower, details of photos, and hummm what else, it seems i am going to go to the marfa deal this oct, a venture with Furly and Vince, sounds like fun,

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