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well i am starting back to work again, listen folks its going to be final count down to the last show here in this zone, comming up, something like ..... more photos to come!

i am trying to blow out the bug box deal this weekend but ahhhhh i am burned out, this back an forth bulshit is gettign on my nerves, but all that will change next week,
So what else
i got this write up about an artist in Marathon, when i am not hung over and i can think clearly bout this

studio clean up


studio george zupp


i am going threw the last clendar threw the whole deal , the end, and it looks like i got some 12 weeks
for one final show, plus extras



well another day another dallar,
hummm,., one of the things that got my head rolling this morning was, i believe every act of pleasure comes from a source, a history of sorts, , pleasure meaning what you like and dislike,
for some reason its easy to castcade this through my love life, but the basic is always the same,

So whats up on CDC

well the video over at the cove deal, , the completion of the bug deal,.,. the rounding up for the final show, in Nov, and a couple of other side gigs, plus this trip out to marfa,.

week is a rollin


bugbox george zupp

this is the insides of the box deal still in progress



chickengeorge's snake paintings

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