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well i think i am finally done with ebay, , its been a obession thats been rolling since 2004,

Slowly getting back in action


Well folks
last weekend, or this last new years i was out in brenham , ol justin came out to visti and we shot a real funny redneck style video about redmud, and talked alot about movie making etc,
i am still interesting editing these things but man trying to plan a shot with no plan other than a "notion" is tuff, basily we start drinking or i and things seem to create themselfs, ,
i even went so far as to dawn a Freedy mask , huummm painting with freddyy, might be a funny skit down the way alot of action ,
one thing we also did was plot out the move to west Texas, its gonna be a diffent scene here, being one the road, i had taken about a year off i guess and just repaired stuff, here, but its getting close, i guess the main focus here is to get the Laredo show out of the way,
picture above, good subkects for the books of BBQ

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