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So back the the big bend, humm
i guess one thing this site might really slow down , in enrty

So what to expect, what are some of the common question in this "adventure"
well here is what you do, you drive out there and look for cheep ass studio space, think camping, bare minimal a working toilot is the basic, . Justin the other guy i am going out there with, hasn't ever been out there, . i talked to him on the phone about it, its diffent, not so much the landscape its the people and there is air of a tourist town, which is somehting i hav'n''t ever seen before,. the couple gallery out there i got into, i devloped a rep so i am not some total stranger and its easy to find places so to speek plus they like having aritst on sight as to help add to the atmosphere. hummmm tourist towns
i remember this on story...

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