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Well, i have been doing some thinking, what about you might ask?
the orginal goal of comming out here, i was to lose some weight and get fit again
hit 165 some how? and i think the chickengeorge method isn't working,
You see every other night, its like a cycle, what happens is i have the projects.,
I paint during the day, and at night basicly just don't feel like doing anything but, with a
couple of sips of beer i am off, and at it again and the next day is a hang over so nothing gets done, i get carryed away and reconvince myself to do newer grander projects,
so when you mix utube in on the bit , its time to get really drunk or something , and then there is eating

So the cycle get developed that leaves me tied and sorta fat,
So i think i am gonna sign off the Chickengeorge complex untill i cann't take being healthy anymore
i want to push this shit over till i hit 60, then i can go back to being fat and discusting and asshole like cause i don't care any more and horney old man type of stuff.

for now , Shit,i need to cleanup a bit and avoid this predestination that is been bulding all threw out my 30, and reinvint a new and improve somthing, i have some ideas,.
So anybody out there reading this who own my art work
i am gonna throw out CG older projects on Friday 13th from here on out, but no new ones like that kinda work will be made or signed , so save your pennys, if you want older projects cause there is a ton of them.


I want to get lean again, maybe conjure up to be actually sexy, some how,. and i am not going anywhere but here untill its achieved, as for utube well i am gonna stay off it even know i miss it, there is alot of footage about stuff shot and about the end of me and Justins stay here that needs ot be complete.
plus there is a odd ball show at a coffee hous ein San Marcos called Wake the Dead, that me and Justin in, , just the two of us, it will be a recap on what we have done here
for me its
Cann Hammsss..... click to read expanded

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