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This is one of the single greatest rants i have heard in a long time, it harkins back to the way i used to listen in amazement and full attention to my dad and the coaches go off the handle about people not being phisically fit or lazy.
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the rant goes something like this, this guy mostly drunk and with anger issues is walking by this park and see this reporter, and he gets mad at him cause he looks like "rich-corporate America out touch with real life, . this is illustrated by "why do you just walk?" the reason you don't,-- well, he points out why, but what is real odd about this rant, was, his trying to get his point across, by making fun of him by saying he is "strutten that ass, strutten that ass " and like dancing a jig to show him who he is,.
The guy's single declaration deals with the humanity and arrogance of people not walking, and them showing off there wealth. He points out that he see that when people are "strutten" its to be shamed cause its "chavistic pig" which i think he means the arrogance of wealth, that in reality if you walked to Gunnerville you wouldnt be this way." you would be to "fuckin tied to strutt"

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what i love about this video is the directly confused and pissed off verbage mixed with anger and school yard ridicule , that these two , the reporter and camera guy happen to be there at that spot,. i think anger at the trivial is funny but...
there may me more truth in what this guy was saying , not to just write it off as a drunk tie rate, . its moralistic that brings some folks to a boil quickly and can allow them to preach and holler. his dramatizations of it and seriousness of it daring the reporter to be a man, not a pig,,
Moral choices are laid out about why he don't walk,.

The video i found out was shot in 1995 , but was released just a couple of months ago.

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