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studio(belcourt pic)



here are four pictures i am working on for the Belcourt show i am having in Aug., thanks to Harry Underwood, check out his site!

whats been going on



well i am at it again,
this is a painting callled," dog eats sausage while lookig at layed back sow,"

View image "phonix " side view
View image sketch for phonix

Yars Revenge 83


this is a sculpture piece i am working on called Yars Revenge based on an old atari game, its a table top piece witht the mechanics of how the game works underneoth the table

View image view of fence

View image this is the underneathe part of the game, each system or behavior of this simple game is made into a mechanical device, ranging from fake batters to moter shafts to falke electronics devices sorta a blue print on how it might worfk if it were real, now all i need is some yellowjackets to be the players

studio june


still working!
but getting burn out on all of it.
future topics comming up!
kathy's art
the new E-show comming up "bug games"



whats going down, huummm



well i was working on these two paintings,

View image messy table, the beginings of a side painting to the cender block rope painting, with jack olanterns, , this painting will have a possum on the side of this road,

View image

View image
i am stil re working the snake comming out of this tree, some one told me a story of a man who pulled a snake out of a log and it had another snake in its mouth, thought it would make a interesting painting,




man, its getting hot out, i have been rotating these paintings added one to the lot, of three, in the headlight paintings set,
i might do some smaller sketch paintings to add to the lot, too,
humm, whats been going on,
well this week i have been working on completeing these four sculptutres?

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