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writting on the wall



Death will Become you ,
make ready, its gonna be AC/DC an all that shit

all written at different times but the death statement, well is obvious, time is temparel, but the make ready is , like lets get prepared, and AC/DC well thats the cry of the heay metal rooster remarks, nothing new, just conjuring up the enthusiams, to build something mighty

you have to define it as it is in the moment to what it looks like only from there, will it evolve properly

alot of times i make comments about how alot of paintings work up, and sometimes its best to make contrasts with what i am doing, like how its painted verse the identity of the thing itself, symbols etc, its moment is really the only thing you have in painting, the past of the painting, and its future to the look of it can go off task, maybe these are remarks about A.D.D. and painting..?

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