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she serves hog a dish


Chicken George folk painting

late night terrors

so whats going on, well i am wrapping up bascily the jist of the Friday project, and listinging to Black Sabbath,
i guess this is gonna how its gonna end, all climaxing up till the the next thirsday of next week, .,
so Stay tooned folks!

Friday 13th stuff


george zupp studio
Well i am back at this level of stuff...
You know in retrospect about what i am making

studio biz


studio george zupp
So as you can see nothing much is going on,but alas,
there is something comming around the corner
i know for sure i am going to recap, the entire production here in RRSATX studio 2005-till now,
whats next in production?, well i am going to take it one step at a time
welll this set here is what has got to be finnishedclick here for link

So its going to me a mad cap race to the end i predict, somewhere in early sept

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