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hangman art george zupp

one of six paintings

So, i am rolling along here, whats up?


The values of the world won't pay your way to that which will grant you a world with in

i am working on two main projects, this cheeto deal, almost complete, and
the two other pieces,?
more on that later



george zupp studio

so this is the cleean out studio, sorta still working on it, , making ready for shooting of the pacman bs, sounds like fun,

humm what next stories to tell,
i don't know what new stories, i am always on the move here, its hard to settle down about stuff,
but i can tell you just a skim topics that pissed me off etc,.
one the return of the safty nazi fucks beurcats,, hummmm,
other stories, humm
Red Muds outrage over blacktops including in the ARM group deal, there is a whole storie to this,
one of my disgruntles adjuncts, buddies about to lose it, tales of obsessions women and drinking,.,.,
and a bold look into the future of CDC, chickendeadchicken

so what in store


comming next
well this week, i am going to reform the Ms pacman deal, i have to make a swimg stand for it, like a standing mirror, and shoot, both that and yars, in this dual set,,.,.
julie is shooting this minimovie on it,
for the last acts of this deal, like a 45min, dvd, type of things,
it will be humor,
more to come folks

shoots of my shootgun house, and julie's crazy party!
plus the return of herold,

yeap folks

i am going to the movies! more, and i have some plans! HeHeHe!

Friday 13th george zupp

george zupp falling hanging man

the ugly being saves by the unknown grave

one of the piviting points to the dislplay was my explainations about hannings, sex , duals, horrormovies and the unknown grave,
the term came form the movie, can any one out thier guess what movie it is?

if you can guess the movie?

ill send ya a prize! chickengeorge1236 at hotmail, dot com

thurs morning


george zupp

well what does all this mean?

well, ???
email me and tell me?

george zupp

late wed nite


Well its late here in the studio, i cann't drink any cause , i got to drunk over at the cove deal, man it was crazy, i had a desinated driver so, i went a bit over board on crap,
but that said!
lets move on in this painting blitz!

one thing i notice i am not as hyper as ussaly today, i am doing a bunch of self poitrates for this display, and some horror myths plus writting in this massive set, called,, hummmm?
george zupp slasher dramas painting set

building the set



i would gamble to say, JARR is gonna be as pathic as i when hits 39, just a 90's version of heavy metal, hummm that willl be in 12 years from now,

well this is whats up!

the climax of may


george zupp

Well its going to be the grand summit of myth

one thing i have noticed by being here in this studio is my relations to JARR, in some ways we are like twins on the oppisite scale of stuff, he this lean skinny grim ripper type of heavy metal 90's grung fuck, an i am 80's ass nuts wiener shit, AC/DC, fat and gross,
its like if there ever was a record of fations on the net this would be absulutely detail to the times we forget , like trivia



george zupp slasher dramas

more on jimmy sculpture later,
but whats up next a display, Friday 13th
and the ultimate BBQ,,

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