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thrsday night


studio george zupp
this shot was taken on thursday night, , i went to San marc and hung out for the day and ended up talking to Niel about life art etc, humm
well this is the last week left, and i am runnning on empty here, it just isn't the same, i need to call the Gods of AC/DC out and kick some ass here, drinking beer isn't so much fun either, i ain't eating so much, and like this afternoon i went and got some friend chickens, ate about three pieces and about passed out from a grease coma, woke up and are now just focused on the work at hang,.
one thing neil said was is my work gonna be lowbrow or soemthiing serious, i tolk him is this a statement or a dated responce, all i want to do is obsesse over killing off friday 13th part 3, ?
maybe this work is never ment to be see, like showy kinda stuff, i could see it best discovered in the a box in some abandoned house, curses Todd! curses!

jason in grave


You know

studio"Goat head under shed"


Goatheads under shed george zupp

things i am working on

this is a detail to the TMT sculpture piece, hummm, still gots ways to go,

View imageBlack cat Eye control(not finished)

View imageTMT shot, its still in the working phaze, i plan on adding a bunch to it tonight,



georgezupp studio
So whats in the studio?

th building up of the structural dynamics show in abut four weeks, this will be one of two final pushs of production,

then, the cheetos deal recovered, then
the Trojan deal complete,
then on to showing etc
get the fuck outta here for a while,
i have beeen staring at the Texas back roads maps for to long, like nothing else matters,

what new art dealings



whats going, on
well i am trying to down size my diet, and get ready for the weekend( and boy its tuff, i ate at chachoes last night and i about passed out when i got back here,)

hummm so whats in store ,
photos from the Texas uprising show, tonight, and a couple of my buddies are having a show over at Vtrue which was Eye 2 eye gallery photos on that,
so what projects are rolling around?
lets take a look!
View image
View image
the beginings of the thing that makes things,
what else,

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