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rattrap video in the works


more on this soon,
today, me and the gang are going to have a swimming pool hot dog party today, yeaa haa
more soon,
plus some new ideas about this site CDC

i am breaking out and getting crazy,shooting this piece, ramblings included, this will be the new old ideas on how to explain all this,



So whats Going on this week?

Well i am making my way around the rain, i guess there is now summer this time around, here in SA, -==- As for projects, i can say i am trying to get rid of the TET deal and this new and last one, the virusbox bomb , for the show, =-=--= the final show will be this Nov, and so ends the RRSATX studio, ihave had enough and on to my next Adventure? hummmm -=-=-=

still working


sculpture george zupp
this thing is going to take some time,
hummm, what else, is going on,

went and got some stuffed animals form good will, man the weather is bizzaro,
wet, rainy

ahhhh studio


sculpture george zupp
well this is what i am working on it shifted a couple of time in the design of the thing, i also am redo the Things that eats things piece, something about it is wrong, this one is going to be put togther piece at a time,
ahhh, my mind is wondering,!
but before aug 13 this whole main deal will be complete, at leas these three main pieces, and the tower deal will be pushed over to sept,
plus four more wall pieces for this final show here,
, i have alot of reports to do, but to burned out to write



george zupp studio

ahhh i am going to have to delay the e show, i am grinding to a hault but still working!

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