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So, somebody asked me to write more, humm as to what i am doing ,
well i have some shows comming down, one in austin OK mountian and some place in VA, so
What stupid ass storys to write about well
what s life like , well its hot as shit here, i am sweating all the time, i am back in Redford again, at night i take like six showers, get in bed wet, which has now drawn ants, in the moreing at 6 flyies come around, i keep a fly swatter next to the bed, i am so tired, cause i cannt sleep, but in the morning i am so relaxed that a fly bugs me, i just pick up the fly swatter, and even know the asshole is on my face i just say , do it i cann't take it and i swat my own face and the fucker is dead and fuck where is he at i don't care, untill the next one.

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