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chicken sticks. 02


This painting done on wood was made out in Marathon, while i was out there i painted in this old barn next to Evans Gallery. This is one of three of the largest painting done out there,. When i was out there i made a chicken head pyrmid and this is a painting sorta a copy of what it looked like in the barn i set this pyrmid up in the old barn it stood about ten feet tall, and had a span of about fifteen by fifteen( the thing on the card) .
I suppose apon rembering why i made it was sorta like i was reacting some parts of my favorite movies, like some unconscience theame, the painting turned out good, i went around braggin in West Texas that i was a Texas pha'row this idea of a temple builder, or burried treasures etc, and hell if folks wanted call me a egotisal well wern't the pha'rows e the biggest egomanicalist of all time, i just like preservation, in art.
Here in San Marcos i build this chicken head fence made out of plywood, same art form and i had all sorts of art advisers tell me how full of myself i was, i had this whole routine about it,
"man, i cann't evan be allowed to be know to be a simple chicken artist with out someone doing an expos'e about how egotistic i am, man, its a small life as a chiken artist , and they wil take that from you too!"
i got neurotic over it alot of time, its the slacker art that's ambition is to "suck" and woe and behold some one will say
"hey you want to suck, and create an expose on why you don't suck", but really suck hard, . chickens fall some where around those lines
can you will yourself to be bad, , cause the anverse to be good, has a fall, can you fall from the bottem..
its some stupid paradox i was mired into for like 5 years. wondering what is real, when one looks at "bad" art thay know what it is, but what's fake bad art, or does it turn out to be "humm alright" and know decrotive.

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