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yeap a painting that was taken after a conversation i had with bill or more like he just rambles on about the art world cheapness and its fakery, . he had this painting i gave him way back a pig smoking and a chicken head was in the clouds, it was in this exhibit i had at brazosport, tx college, i think 2003, way back there , well he called me up and went on about these two paintings he had of mine, he likes to get drunk and call, i think going down on his death bed of drinking 65 years old partyier person,. well he calls up kinda like the rant i captured in that video painting with bill here below...

so i decied to make a painting after that one like a copy of it, from what i remember, .
the painting is about to be up on ebay whats its gonna go for , well more that 20 bucks, i think ebay is like now the disapproving father figure something to get mad at like its judgement to make you be a hoe and paint puppyies, etc," like i am not a hoe stop it , i am not your hoe , ok how much for what?" . So what else in the news

One funny note about my net reputation, this is one for the book, that this woman i am seeing, who lives on the east coast want to move to Texas, well she just got devorced and her exe don't want to move that far away , they have kids, and one of the ways he tryed to get at her was has his lawery claim if she moves over here with this man,"chicken george" we have video evidance he is a drug addict , abuse wack job , this is grounds enough to be an unfit mother, ,.,.lol my utube vid are evidance lol, man, thats funny, i can image a lawyer and aid looking at my channel and sayin WTF this loser!, i ever wonder if they thought it was real,?
ahhh whatever , Texas passed "you lose you pay," you know what that means well..

other than that, the new Books of BBQ part 2 is underway i tryed to come up with some ideas they are all there i just need to get back into character again hummm,... but its going to trail the calandar pics and the first one up is? updated july 5 2013,, is Bill dudding of sargent texas still alive email me pleas.

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