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Headed back out there next March but untill the mean time its the 13th folk deal the last couple next year double 13, hummm




Art stuff, hummmmm, well i am always juggling around ideas, i was working on the Chicken De Lux paintings some 12 ones based on the most poplular combunations of chickengeorge painting simple stuff like chickens, goat carts, and pits, not much thinking just the skills to paint in a way that i am satifiyed with, yeaaks i but i switch gears about it, i think to keep my ass on the road and less out here i might entertain the idea of bad art fairs at wierd events like the Turlingual chili cook off, mainy for good video ideas, you meet so many crazys out there, like
Picture 5.png
Rember Larry,
well, he moved out of marathon, well that video i was asked by him to take it down, i think he got in trouble with his boss who saw the videos and thought it made him look bad, but he didin't seem to not mind acting wierd when ti was rolling, one thing i wrestled with in shoting is WTF is going on is this real or some act what i conclued its real and an act , the act part is part of his beiing proud of being a bit dramatic, everybody is like that in some degree,
So its material like Larry, that i am looking for, like some wacky screwed up habits people do,.
i could imagine in the art fairs i might meet somebody form the public like that ahhh who knows if it was anything like the guy on my bday geeze as i was getting fucked up, i thougth man this would make a great utube bit, but it was for real the guy was a psycho, and was getting worked up, lucky i just met the guy and was fucking with him just shareing liqure, basicly but the amout of emergy he expelled in talking, i remember asking the guy, what does he do ? he said, " i am what you would call societys expendables, the society would rather see me die," I think being a excon and homeless traveling, with pride , and a bit of anger issues, hummm, The guy looked tuff, late fourtys very tan, lean, but had a smile. and a bit senitive, like all crazies,.
At one point in the conversation, he was telling me his life story and i said" man what a life!" he said no you have a life i have nothing. i guess i was weighting the drama and tradgy of his actions and circumstances, what have i done, well not that,. maybe its for the better,.,Thats the problem with our TV generation nothing seem totally real about anything.
(man i wish i had a photo of this guy)===

Back and around


Well the show , or reception was fun, i am hanging out in a motel in Seguin now , free net and its comfortable here, the college pinned me up , no bad i might say, i have photos of the show comming soon,

But last Friday, fuck, my b-day deal, i wrote it out but lost it some where, well basicly here is what happen i have been wacking down a half a quat of tequlia a night leading up to that friday, i made the closing on the two lots, and was just hanging out there
on the two lots, that late after noon ,pacing the place off sipping tequlila and talking to my self about what to next, when this homeless guy DeWayne walks up , he "worked" next door at this hostile , or organic green builing etc center, thats my next door neighbor, we start chatting seemed like a fun guy, about 50 , real tan, excon, sorta typical psycho with anger isssues about life, humm ,, lets get drunk
i thought it was all fun , nothing serious, but after a while he started reveing up , real animated, abotu his life and, (classic utube) if i had shot it, but ...
well i ended up leaving and went to the bar and had a hamburger then , i went over to James old gallery passed out a threw up all over the place outside!, luckly hoss was around, an in one of those rare dog bonding moments , in the minst of my head spinning worrying about he trafic driving by, who could see me , laying perfectly still,
i knew Hoss wasn't gonna let me wast that fucking ten buck hambuger,, yeas this is the life, , snap out of it, you left your glasses and hat at the bar along with the food you didin't pay for, so after an hour i pulled myself together and staggared over there and payed up but i think Hoss was now drunk.
so i crawled into the back o my truck and went to sleep,.,
the next morning i hear Dewayne went nutz over at the hostile , he went into the bathroom put his head threw a mirror and started cutting himself, and wanted to fight everybody,. well the sherifs dept showed up and took him away.,
maybe its time to slow down here

well back here , but no net


so it looks like i am still running around here , , hope my truck can make it, but today this month marks a great deal i just landed me some land out here in he west Texas , this painting is fitting to where and how its gonna happen
this painting made 2002 in Marathon,
so begins the evulution to the mythical studio barn situwations

my back is still hurting, my heart is broken and i lost my hat, WTF, and nobody bought anything, but i did get a check in the mail recently, so
What else, humm i am working on some more women in red dress sculptures, i think ill make another video about how women are real good with knives,. or something,
lest see what else
i am building up for the Friday 13th deal, .,


Redford Vids 1


Well, its been found!

Pig pulls a mask off a wolf, made in 2002,
well if anybody can remember about two months ago , i got an email from, this person claiming this painting was in this old movie set on fm 170, in the big bend park, i thought it was a joke that james had pulled on me, but i started to wonder, . the painting was stored in the chicken head shack building in marathon anybody could had gotten it, , and did, but some how i think they knew who i was and put it on the set with a note about me, etc seemed wierd, well the person who emailed me with a jpeg of it told me it was there, i tought it was a joke, , but after a while i figured out where it was stored and it wasn't there, then after a month a person emails me that they have it in Utah , and got it as a gift, .Marathon Mile Set
Alot of the work from 2002, has ended up in some strange places there is a cataloge on the work, and a write up about most of the pieces, one of the more notoriouss ones is this painting called "drinking games" the fellow bought the painting and moved to Marathon and shot himself, the painting was about drinking yourself to death.
check out past entrys about the work.


Buy a one of a kind or second of a kind as Bosco, paints an event form me hanging out at Marathon Texas the 4th of July, up on ebay now starting price 19.99

check out previous entry and video on this,

Marathon part 2


go to my Utube id, and subscribe

figure it out if you want to watch the vids

Still on the road,


So whats new?


well humm in the art zone?

i guess i am going to go on one more posting blitz on ebay, for what its worth... then that will be about itIMG_0616.JPG

So i got this one show comming up in Laredo, then about a two or three weeks and i am off, to the desert again, this time its gonna be differnt
read below



the gallery space in Marathon,
they hold alot of my work there,

one story




"hog pulls mask off wolf"
marathon 2002

marathon 2



RH king== this painting James Evans owns
one of the best made out there
made 2002

Marathon prt 1


view of the town of Marathon, right across the trackJ

heading out to Marthon



these are the new aluminima metal chicken heads for the building, i am gearing up for the 500 mile adventure out there, hope my truck can make it, .

two works form Marathon



these two paintings were over in Brenham, made out in Marathon,(2002) i still have alot of work over in Evans gallery, need to revamp what they have and make a new chickenhead building for James, humm some new projects for this fall,.

"Green lake"



check out this guys work Joe Heaps

After looking at his cheerleaders i thought, man, i could do this with skinnydippers, this guy is awsume!

man with chicken head



well, its friday night , i know this week i am going to go over to Brenham and colect this work for the bar show and also slid some stuff up, so i migh be gone for a while, may leave on monday,
View image back of canvas

this painting was done early this year, there is another one done like it in the wake, its taken form a photo of me standing next to the chicken head pyrmid thing , made out in Marathon Texas.

chicken sticks. 02


This painting done on wood was made out in Marathon, while i was out there i painted in this old barn next to Evans Gallery. This is one of three of the largest painting done out there,. When i was out there i made a chicken head pyrmid and this is a painting sorta a copy of what it looked like in the barn i set this pyrmid up in the old barn it stood about ten feet tall, and had a span of about fifteen by fifteen( the thing on the card) .
I suppose apon rembering why i made it was sorta like i was reacting some parts of my favorite movies, like some unconscience theame, the painting turned out good, i went around braggin in West Texas that i was a Texas pha'row this idea of a temple builder, or burried treasures etc, and hell if folks wanted call me a egotisal well wern't the pha'rows e the biggest egomanicalist of all time, i just like preservation, in art.
Here in San Marcos i build this chicken head fence made out of plywood, same art form and i had all sorts of art advisers tell me how full of myself i was, i had this whole routine about it,
"man, i cann't evan be allowed to be know to be a simple chicken artist with out someone doing an expos'e about how egotistic i am, man, its a small life as a chiken artist , and they wil take that from you too!"
i got neurotic over it alot of time, its the slacker art that's ambition is to "suck" and woe and behold some one will say
"hey you want to suck, and create an expose on why you don't suck", but really suck hard, . chickens fall some where around those lines
can you will yourself to be bad, , cause the anverse to be good, has a fall, can you fall from the bottem..
its some stupid paradox i was mired into for like 5 years. wondering what is real, when one looks at "bad" art thay know what it is, but what's fake bad art, or does it turn out to be "humm alright" and know decrotive.

"party in the barn"02


this painting is in the show to, its on shingles, and was made out in Marathon Texas, where i had a studio in 2002, at Evans Gallery, check out their webpage
i made something like 32 paintings and had a show there, it was good!

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